Monday, August 6, 2012

A Grand Old Time

My time on the island is sadly winding down. Just a few days left and I will be back in the real world where I can enjoy the luxury of cars and daily trips to Target. It's bittersweet to know that I will be leaving the island again soon. When I first arrived here, I knew two months was not going to be long enough, but now that the time is approaching, I know my old routine at home is waiting for me, and I am content with going back.

I have been able to enjoy many visits from friends and family this time around on the island, like I did the last trip. Lots of biking and exploring and shopping were the things to do. Each visit was spectacular and when each set of people left, it made me long to go home with them. However, I know my time up here is short and I will miss it as soon as I leave.

Last night several of my coworkers and I went up to the Cupola Bar at the Grand Hotel for our annual employee outing. So fun! We all got dressed up and met at the store, where we had wine, cheese, and grapes. Then we walked up to the Grand Hotel to the Cupola Bar. It is absolutely gorgeous up there. You can watch the sunset near the bridge and see the lights in the city and on the bridge. We all sat and talked and had a wonderful time. Then we made our way downstairs to the ballroom where the jazz band was playing and we danced and laughed again. Such a wonderful, fancy night.

Main Street

Nephews Crew 2012

Now all that's left is working, packing, and going to see all the places and things I want to see for the last time this trip. It has been a great couple of months and I am so blessed and thankful to have been able to come and work up here again this season.